Top 6 Benefits of Using Hardwood Flooring

Wood flooring has been around for a long time now. Even with the adoption of other types of flooring such as tiles and concrete floors, people are still finding this kind of flooring to be attractive. Also, you can use it in your residence or commercial building.

1. Easy to Clean

Cleaning hardwood flooring is easy because you will just use the basic methods. You can mop or vacuum it. However, it is critical to keep the floor dry. It is because moisture can reduce the durability of the floor significantly. Also, cleaning the floor is easy because it does not accumulate dirt and dust quickly.

2. Durability

Most people would think that the process of making wood flooring involves just chopping the wood into the required sizes. However, this is not the case. Manufacturers pass the wood through various processes to increase their durability. They include drying them in a kiln and applying a finish that protects the wood. It is the reason why hardwood flooring can last for generations. Also, this type of flooring can withstand the stress and abrasion in areas that have a very high foot traffic.

3. Variety of Options

Through the manufacturing process, a manufacturer can give the wood different appearances. They can differ in color, styles, patterns, and stains. It gives you the buyer multiple options to select from to make your home beautiful.

4. Air Quality

The flooring you have in your house determines the air quality that you will have in there. Wood flooring Toronto is an excellent choice because it does not trap any dust and particles. Also, it does not have fibers which can act as allergens. Therefore, when you use hardwood flooring, you are sure to enjoy an improved indoor air quality.

5. High-Quality Look

There is no doubt that wood gives an area a high-end aesthetic look. It is the reason why high-end vehicle manufacturers always boast of the wood finish that they incorporate in the expensive machines. For those who cannot provide a genuine wood finish will use synthetically manufactured products that have a similar appearance to wood. A hardwood flooring will give your house a warm and beautiful look. Also, it will not go out of style compared to other alternatives available for your floor.

6. Easy to Install

Installing wood flooring compared to other alternatives is easy. It is because during the manufacturing process a manufacturer will ensure that they have a stable and uniform fit. All you have to do is come and lay it down. Even though it is easy to install the flooring, you should consult an expert to avoid making mistakes.

Top 6 Insider Tips On What To Consider When Buying Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors don’t just add warmth and elegance to a house they are also a great way of raising the value of your home. Nonetheless, before choosing the right wooden floor to install, there are a few factors you should come to term with. For instance, you have to contemplate on your homes traffic and lifestyle and how it complements the interior finishes as well the installers and their charges. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1. The type of your home’s sub-floor

Do you have a concrete or plywood subfloor already installed at home? Notably, your home’s sub-floor plays a key role in determining the type of hardwood flooring you install for your home. For instance, while the plywood sub-floor will be the best choice for the solid hardwood, the concrete sub-floor is best suited for the engineered wood. However, you can still have a solid hard wood installed on a concrete subfloor if you can bear the cost of making it even and adding a plywood subfloor.

2. The traffic and lifestyle at your home

If you have pets and small children around the house, you would be advised to settle for the hardest wood floor possible. Consider such hardwood species as soft red oak as they are durable and more tolerant to wear and tear. On the other hand, the softer ones like pine will show scratches from pets as well as colorings and dents from accidental toy falls.

3. Complementing your homes interior finishes

While you might have decided to install a wood flooring to add warmth to your home, you won’t mind if it complements the interior decor. In such a case, the secret lies in choosing a timeless wood finish that will stand the test of time. And with such a vast collection of hardwood finishes to choose from, it wouldn’t be hard finding the most appropriate. Avoid being carried away by the current trends because the last thing you need is limiting your future interior refurbishments as they clash with your flooring. Rather opt for an elegant design that can complement a variety of interior finishes.

4. The ease of maintenance

Regardless of the flooring type you choose, you have to consider its maintenance cost. You, especially have to take into account how to expand the wooden floors lifespan by putting in place preventative care measures like polishing.

5. Wood flooring contractor

The appeal and durability of any hardwood floor are as good as the quality of their installation. It is, therefore, imperative that you only engage an experienced wooden floor installation contractor. Ask for recommendations from friends and acquaintances on the best contractors in your location. You can also check for their reviews on local online business and consumer websites while paying keen attention to the review sections.

6. Installation costs

When making long term financial decisions and investments, such as hardwood flooring, you are advised only to consider price after quality. Don’t be swayed into cheap engineered hardwoods such as bamboo as these can be artificially synthesized. Just install a wooden floor in one room of the house such as the living area and only proceed with the rest when you have enough to engage quality materials and expertise.

Bottom line

Hard wood flooring Toronto makes one of the most elegant and warm floors. However, you not only have to consider the wood type that is most affordable but one that fits your home’s subfloor and tolerant to your lifestyle. Most importantly, don’t let the price of the materials or even their installation charges influence the quality of the materials you choose to use. If need be, have the installation done one room at a time as long as you stick to quality materials and experienced installation contractors.

4 Ways to Enhance the Installation of Wood Flooring

Wood flooring has the potential to dramatically change the look and feel of your home. When you decide on wood as your flooring material, there are several things to consider when they’re installed. By enhancing the installation, you get more for your money.

#1: Diagonal Flooring Installation
Most flooring goes vertically or horizontally across a room. By asking the installers to go diagonal, you change the aesthetic. You get a new look that also helps the room to look more expansive. Whether you choose this for the whole house or a single room, it could be just the design touch you have been searching for.

You can also add something more eccentric by switching the diagonal designs back and forth. It ends up looking like a jigsaw puzzle, which adds a unique touch.

#2: Heated Floors
Various heating systems can be added below the wood floors. These consist of coils or tubes that will apply heat to the floors. Particularly in the winter, this can be a highly desirable feature.

If you have ever walked across cold floors with your bare feet, you can imagine how this could be a great addition to your flooring. You choose when to switch the heating system on. By having it installed before the flooring goes down, you don’t have to pay to have floors ripped up and then re-installed.

#3: Extra Padding
There are all sorts of padding options available when you lay down wood flooring Toronto. You should explore extra padding for a variety of reasons. The first is that it’s going to give you some bounce in your step when you walk across the floor. The second is that it will absorb a lot of the sound. If you don’t like a hard “clack” when you walk across wood, this can be solved by upgrading the padding underneath the flooring.

If you have a home theatre or a sound studio in a room, it’s important to explore various padding options, too. It will help you to sound proof the room more effectively than simply installing wood without any concern with the padding that goes underneath.

#4: Multiple Colors
A new trend on wood flooring includes using multiple colors. It’s a chance to go with a light and dark wood or choose wood that has been tinted in different colors. By choosing a beautiful pattern, you get a unique look to your home. You will be able to let your personality shine within your flooring.

As far as the pattern that you opt for and the colors you choose, it’s a good idea to talk with the flooring company. Find out what is available and what is recommended so that you get a good look that you can enjoy year after year.

With so many options for your wood flooring, it’s up to you to decide how you’re going to make enhancements. Explore what is available to you so that you can make an educated decision about everything prior to installation.

Why Choose Hardwood Flooring For Your Canadian Home?

Whether you are looking to renovate your commercial or residential space, solid hardwood is an attractive and durable choice. Due to its strength, durability, and natural warmth, hardwood has been the flooring style of choice in Canadian homes for centuries now. It also gives a sense of permanence to the interior. Over the years, hardwood flooring has evolved to gain high levels of dimensional stability in addition to the attractive and extremely durable finishes. Distressed, wire brushed, and hand scrapped wood planks add character to your home.

Long, wide planks in unique surface textures, as well as finishes, are the most sought after flooring styles. They work well with contemporary interiors and are good for timeless homes. Some of the key benefits of solid hardwood flooring are:

High Quality and Ageless

Your hardwood floor will still look beautiful when other floors start to look tired and worn out. On top of that, hardwood floors increase in value as time goes by. If the finish on your wood flooring needs an update, you don’t need to replace it, just refinish it, unlike vinyl and carpets.

Healthy Indoor Air Quality

These floors have no fibers, embossing, or grout lines that trap allergens, animal dander, particles, pollen, or dust which can compromise the quality of indoor air. If you are an allergy sufferer, this is the best type of flooring for you.

Wide Variety

Hardwood floors come in many types, shapes, sizes, stains, and colors. No matter how unique you think your flooring needs are, something will get your attention. You can even opt for unfinished or prefinished wood flooring Toronto.

Easy To Clean

Hardwood floors are extremely easy to clean. There’s no accumulation of debris, dust, or dirt of any kind. Occasional vacuuming or mopping are required to maintain the sparkle.

Potential Concerns

The type of hardwood flooring to install in your house will depend on your region’s indoor climate conditions. If you live in places of extreme indoor climate, you might want to consider solid wood flooring- wider than the standard 4 inches. From season to season, these materials contract and expand in size due to changes in moisture content. This mechanism is referred to as capping and gapping and is more pronounced in weaker hardwood flooring. Besides the seasonal cupping and gapping, the only other downside to hardwood flooring is the fact that it can’t be installed in wet areas around the house, for instance, in the bathroom.

Stuck With Concrete Floor When You Really Wanted A Wooden Flooring? Check This Out..

It happens. It really happens many a times when you purchase a home and after the deal is done, you curse your luck for not going for hardwood flooring and being stuck with concrete floor. Well, guess what? You can easily give your concrete floor a makeover so that it looks completely like a hardwood floor. Remember, the keyword here is “looks”. You are not actually removing your concrete floor and installing a hardwood flooring. Instead, what you are going to do is rather simple. Wood flooring Toronto can help you in obtaining this wooden look.

Let’s have a look into the concrete floor which will be re-vamped:

Concrete Floor – Just Before The Makeover

Looks ugly. Doesn’t it? Now, Let’s see how it gets completely unrecognizable.

First and foremost, we need to shot blast the concrete using throwing wheels as shown in the image below:

Shot Blasting Old Concrete Floor

After shot blasting the old concrete floor, a dark pigment polymer cement base is laid down the floor. The image below shows the complete floor when its base is added with a polymer which is dark pigment in nature.

Dark Pigmented Polymer Cement Base

For next phase, a professional floor technician is needed for your help in case you are not good in drawing straight lines. These are fiber tapes which are giving tough competition to wooden planks in terms of design and symmetry:

Fiber Tapes Used As Wooden Planks

Don’t they look just astounding? There is still a lot of work to do. Just wait and watch how wood grain spray does its magic.

By spraying textured cement to create wood grain, the look of your floor transforms into something different.

Textured Cement Spray

It’s time to take out those fiber tapes in order to get that floor some style. Believe me, it is damn fun to take out those tapes. Satisfying!

After the concrete planks are ready to paint, a layer of epoxy coating is done:

After 1 coating of Epoxy

After the 1st layer to epoxy coating, another layer is applied to give a proper hardwood flooring look:

After 2nd Epoxy Coating

Now the concrete floor to hardwood floor transformation is completed. Enjoy your new concrete cum hardwood flooring.

Watch the video:

Note: All the images used in this article are taken from this youtube video

What Makes Hardwood Flooring Stand Out

Hardwood flooring has been a long standing favorite for many people who are looking for a durable and beautiful material. There are many reasons why this type of material stands out. By choosing it, you can know that you are going to have a floor that you can be proud of now and for a long time to come.

One of the best reasons to go for this type of flooring is because it is renewable. Unlike other flooring materials that will have to be replaced every few years if they get scratched, wood can be sanded down and brought back to its original beauty many times over the years.

Good Value
Although wood may be a little more pricey to start off with, it will pay for itself in the end due to its durability. Instead of needing to replace your flooring, you can simply sand it down and stain it to get a new look. You will end up saving a lot of money in the long run if you choose to go with wood flooring Toronto in your home.

Sound Muffling
If you want to have a quieter home, go with a wood floor. This material absorbs sound and will help your property to be more peaceful.

Strong and Easy to Maintain
Wood flooring Toronto can hold up to heavy foot traffic. If you drop something heavy on it, it will most likely not be damaged. If it is, it can be repaired with ease.

Clean Quickly
When it comes to cleaning, this type of flooring is a favorite for homeowners. You can use water and a gentle cleanser to clean up just about any type of mess. If you keep your flooring dry, it will continue to look good for a long time.

Warmth and Elegance
Wood floors can improve the look of any room that you put them in from your bedroom to your living room. Many formal dining rooms have wooden floors because of the class and sophistication they bring to a room. By choosing wood flooring, you can enjoy having a warm room that will be sure to impress.

Your floors run across your entire room, so be sure to choose a style that you truly enjoy looking at. Wood is lovely, strong, and durable. It makes a good investment, and it will match any type of decor. When you want to have a flooring that stands out, go with hardwood flooring that will enhance your entire home.

5 Trendy Ideas for Finishing Wood Flooring in 2017

Perhaps you’re refinishing the wood flooring in your residence, installing a new hardwood floor at home or planning out a strategy to add value to a home you want to flip and sell for more than its purchase price. In any case, you want the floor in the home to look its best. It’s ideal if the finish you choose looks fantastic, complements a variety of home furnishings and fits well with the current flooring trends. This list features 5 trendy ideas for finishing wood flooring in 2017.

1. Satin Clear Coat

A satin clear coat is currently one of the most popular ways to finish wood flooring Toronto. It’s ideal for use on brand new, undamaged floors or floors that can be sanded down to get rid of all damaged areas. Satin clear coat is also a fantastic finish for engineered hardwood flooring.

2. Espresso Stain

Dark brown espresso stain is popular because it looks elegant and because it can hide a multitude of damaged areas on a floor that needs refinishing.

3. Ebony Stain

Ebony stain is a recent development that’s currently trendy with those who want a dark floor but want the floor to appear black instead of brown.

4. Chalk or Whitewashed Finish

A chalk finish or whitewashed finish is ideal for your floor if you’re moving into a home that features a red oak floor, but all the red tones in the wood look out of place with your grey or cool coloured furnishings. A chalk finish helps to subdue the red tones in the wood to give it a chalky, whitewashed, de-saturated effect.

If this is the type of finish you want for your flooring, you may have to hire a pro to help you accomplish it. It’s a more complex process than simply going to a big-box hardware store, buying a can of stain or polyurethane and applying it. Some of the people who know how to implement a chalk finish on wood flooring Toronto regard the skill as a trade secret, and they’re not keen on sharing information about how to do it. You should also be aware that in some cases the application of such a finish may void the warranty on your hardwood floor.

5. Tung Nut Oil

Tung nut oil is a hardwood flooring finish that commands only a miniscule portion of the market share, but its use is trending up. Tung nut oil is gaining popularity with people who are embracing the trends towards healthier homes and sustainable living.

If you have a high-traffic home or you’re planning on renting out your home, tung nut oil may be of interest to you. One of its unique selling points is that you do not need to remove it completely in order to make surface repairs on your floor. If the finish gets scratched or damaged, you can just apply more of the oil to the existing finish on the floor. This makes it quick and easy to clean up after tenants move out and you need to get the place in shape for showing new prospective tenants.

Whether you’re keeping the home or listing it for sale soon, either way these 5 ideas will help you achieve an up-to-date look. Your wood flooring will be current with 2017 flooring trends if you implement any of these finishes.

Is Cork Flooring Right for Your Home?

If you are looking for a wood flooring type that offers true benefits for your home and that has a unique look, you may be taking a closer look at what cork offers. At one time, cork flooring was believed to be a lower quality material that did not have the durability most homeowners desired. However, many changes have been made in the manufacturing and harvesting processes over the years, and this has had a beneficial impact on the flooring. It is now a highly durable and eco-friendly option that many people are now taking a closer look at, and you may discover that it is the perfect material to install in your home.

The Unique Look of Cork Flooring
Like other types of wood flooring Toronto, cork planks can be stained almost any hue desired. This means that cork can be a very dark brown, an almost yellowy pale hue, a grayish tint or something else altogether. It can take on a country or rustic look, but it also can look modern or even classic depending on the strain of cork and the stain. IT may also be smooth or hand-scraped to give it a distressed look. Generally, this wood flooring has a mottled appearance, but darker stains can hide the mottled look with considerable results. With so many different options available, there may be a style of cork flooring that is suitable for use in your home.

How Cork is Harvested
One of the key benefits associated with using this type of wood flooring Toronto in the home is that it is very eco-friendly. Unlike other wood types, this type of wood is derived from the bark of the tree only. This means that the tree can continue to grow and thrive even after the cork bark has been harvested. New cork bark can be harvested from the same tree approximately every nine years. In addition, this type of wood is recyclable and affordable. Many who are looking for a cost-effective way to enjoy green flooring in their home are choosing cork.

Cork is just one of several wood types that you may be considering, but you can see that it offers homeowners many unique benefits that you will not find with other wood types. For example, bamboo is another eco-friendly wood flooring option, but it is not harvested in the same sustainable way that cork is harvested. With this in mind, you may take a closer look at the many different styles of cork floors available for use in your home. Once installed and with proper maintenance, you may enjoy the beautiful look of cork in your home for several decades or longer.

Emerging Trends in the Hardwood Flooring Industry

New trends and innovations in construction solutions and floor designs are the current flooring market drivers. The market has become highly competitive with an abundant of sector players providing a vast range of flooring solutions that cut across the commercial, residential, and industrial segments. Every day, the industry covering hardwood flooring is being inundated by styling trends and new technological developments.

Over the last couple of years, engineered wooden floors have been gaining prominence due to their favourable features like dimensional stability, exclusiveness, and cost-effectiveness. Hard wood flooring, however, makes up a considerable market share because of its moderate price, although the installation and finishing requirements significantly push up the total cost and time implications.Market Growth Looking Upwards

The laminate and wood flooring global market is predicted by market analysis to reach 92.64 billion USD by 2020. Advances in technology have led to the development of DIY installation techniques and the growth of new innovative products. This has considerably widened the application scope across both residential and commercial floorings.

Broader Use of Hardwood Flooring

Commercial hardwood applications include several key sectors such as hospitality and leisure, healthcare, sports, education, retail, corporate, education, among others. Over the next several years, increasing construction industry demand in these sectors is expected to become the major market driving force. Industrial applications for this type of flooring include manufacturing plants, automotive industry, refineries and aviation hangars.

The Economy and Shifting Customer Preferences

Canada still maintains its position as a key player in the global hardwood flooring industry. The country is actually among the top 6 hardwood and wood producers in the world. The bigger portion of the Canadian hardwood flooring industry is located within Ontario and Quebec, which also house a big chunk of forests that are heavy industry accessible.

Over the course of the previous 5 years, the Canadian Floor Covering Stores sector has been struggling to bounce back from an economic recession. Declines in general disposable incomes and a slowdown in new housing projects caused a plummeting in the demand for floor coverings as consumers could not afford products deemed to be discretionary.

In the years leading to 2020, greater confidence in the Canadian economy and growing incomes are likely to turn consumers less conscious of prices. They are more likely to once again shop at specialized product and industry stores such as those offering hardwood flooring options.


Wood flooring professionals in Canada are predicting that the current growth trends in this industry will continue. Hardwood flooring will remain a timeless and popular option for households and commercial establishments, not just in Canada but globally. It is viewed by many as a high-end product, and because of that, across the developed world, it will always remain in demand, especially as the economy improves in the years ahead. For additional resources, visit the Relative Space website.

Upgrade Your Hardwood Floor with Exotic Style

Hardwood flooring is a great feature of any home. It’s low-maintenance, durable, and adds value. A nice hardwood floor is high on the list of many home buyers. Most hardwood tends to be the same natural Canadian woods that grow all around us, like oak or hickory. While those are good choices, for a more upscale or distinctive look you might want to consider exotic woods. Here are a few of the popular choices.

A classic but increasingly rare choice in wood flooring furnishings. Most mahogany now comes from the Pacific Islands and Southeast Asia. It’s a dense, durable, water-resistant wood that can be used outside as well as inside. It also has excellent acoustic properties.

This has a very distinctive pattern. It’s natural hues can vary from light yellow to light purple. The name comes from its rose-like scent, not its coloration. It’s distinctive look and durability has made it popular in fine furniture, but over-harvesting has also made it on the rare side. But it adds a unique look – and pleasant smell – that make it special.

Brazilian Cherry
This is a misnomer, since it’s not related to cherry at all. In practical terms it’s closer to mahogany. It’s currently a very popular choice that also happens to be very resilient. This adds a beautiful look to larger rooms, and it’s surprisingly affordable compared to other exotics.

This, naturally, comes from tropical Africa. But it’s only recently become popular in Canada. It is named after its stunning zebra-stripe patterns that can add real character to dens, bedrooms, or living rooms. It’s a very tough wood, but it’s becoming more rare as over-harvesting continues. There are similar but cheaper versions made from bamboo.

This is also a striped-grain wood from Africa (though tigers are not). It’s long been a popular building material there and is also disappearing, but thousands of trees have been planted in South America to meet demands. This is one of the hardest woods around. A hardwood floor of tigerwood just might outlast your great-grandchildren, while being both gorgeous and reasonably priced.

Teak grows naturally as a deciduous tree in Southeast Asia. It’s been transplanted to tropical regions around the world and thrived. It’s pleasantly scented, extremely hard, dense, and long-lived, and is suitable even for busy kitchens and outdoor decks. It’s highly insect-resistant as well as water-resistant due to some strong natural resins.

Visit to see examples of a wide variety of hard wood flooring.

Though exotic wood flooring Toronto can overwhelm and clash with traditional décor, they can also create a distinct look and atmosphere you won’t get any other way, along with all the other benefits of a hardwood floor.